Report Misconduct

If you have experienced or witnessed or suspect misconduct by a Quicke employee, manager or other individual related to our company, the Quicke management encourages you to report such behavior using the SpeakUp misconduct reporting system.

This communication tool gives you the opportunity to raise concerns confidentially, anonymously, and in your own language. SpeakUp is run by an independent service provider and is available 24/7/365.

How does it work: You can leave a message online via web. When you leave your message, you will receive a personal 6-digit case number that you must remember. Our Chief Compliance Officer receives your translated message within one working day and will be able to further confidentially communicate with you via SpeakUp. It is important that you re-turn to SpeakUp using your 6-digit case number, so you can follow-up on your case and read the reply that was left for you. It is also possible to upload documentation into SpeakUp.

How to report:

1. Visit the SpeakUp website at

2. Choose your country

3. Select your preferred language

4. Enter the access code (5 digits) shown on the website

5. Select whether you wish to report a new matter or access an existing case previously reported by you and enter case number (6 digits)

6. Enter your message or review replies to your earlier message and post your answer

7. Log out