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As a Quicke® owner, you will not only have a world- leading front loader, but also world-leading level of reliability and service. Your purchase does not end our commitment to you – it’s only the beginning.

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Your Quicke has to perform at its best for a long time. We have built up a strong global organisation with a comprehensive service network, giving you easy and fast access to locations for service, spare parts and knowledgeable support - wherever you operate in the world. You can be sure that our service and support is meet the same standard as our products – always aiming for 100 percent customer satisfaction. To us, second best is not enough.

Absolute customer focus.
In order to support you as a customer, we have created routines that ensure all the departments in our organisation are concentrated on your requirements.

Quick online help.
You will have round-the-clock online access to spare part details, instructions and other important information.

Tight-knit spare part network.
Spare parts are available from our subsidiaries as well as from larger Quicke representatives the world over.

Our world-leading distribution network guarantees proximity to you, no matter where you are.

Global technical support.
As a Quicke customer, you always have access to prompt technical support. All over the world, our representatives can provide knowledgeable and high-quality service.

Constant follow-up.
Your viewpoints and suggestions for improvement are gathered together and centrally processed. This follow-up functions as a valuable basis for us when developing new loaders, implements and subframes. The development of Quicke is the result of close cooperation with users all over the world.

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Everything we do, down to the tiniest weld run, is with one thing in mind: making the farmer behind the machine more efficient.

Through superior quality, groundbreaking innovation and smart details built into our products we help you work smarter, not harder.

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