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the age of Q

From front loaders to smart farming, you can expect the same level of expertise and reliability from Quicke. Now with fully-integrated smart technology, join us as we lead you into the era of connected tools and big data.

Harvesting knowledge in buckets

Your front loader is now more than a tool. It’s an entire system designed to get the maximum output to farming. It’s part of our growing involvement in a greater movement. Where big data reveals underlying patterns, helping us develop new equipment to make farming more efficient.

Today, we enable digital screens and smart sensor technology to our offering. Tomorrow, all your Quicke devices will be able to communicate with each other and help manual processes become automated.


Edible intelligence by 2050 

By the year 2050, the world’s farms will need to sustain a population that’s 9.7 billion strong. That’s 30% more mouths to feed than today. According to leading experts, food security is going to be one of our greatest challenges. Since climate change is decreasing crop yields *(+ 0.5 C° = 10% less crop yields), farming needs to become more efficient. More intelligent. The bad news is this reality is only 3 decades away. The good news is – each yearly cycle presents us several opportunities to find a fix. 

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Work automation.

Optimize your time. Maximise your productivity.
Simplify processes.

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Farming Today vs. Farming Tomorrow

Hi-tech farming equipment today stores information in separate locations. This makes them unable to share info with each other and work together.
Soon, the information from farming equipment will all be stored in the same place. Making your machines able to work together for optimized efficiency.

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5 ways to work smarter.
Not harder.

Load weighing. Synchronized user data. Precise implement positioning. It’s all just the start of something to look forward to with Quicke.

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Meet the McCannells.
Our Q-Companion test-pilots.

A fourth-generation dairy farmer in Ontario, Canada. After two years of test-piloting the Q-series and Q-companion, it’s time to evaluate the effects they’ve had on his farm.

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Everything we do, down to the tiniest weld run, is with one thing in mind: making the farmer behind the machine more efficient.

Through superior quality, groundbreaking innovation and smart details built into our products we help you work smarter, not harder.

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