Powergrab L+

Efficient bucket grab designed for silage handling with large front loaders, telehandlers and wheel loaders

Powergrab L+ in action

Powergrab L+ explained

Powergrab L+

Powergrab L+ is a powerfull bucket grab designed for material handlers with a lift capacity of 3 – 5,5 tons. Powergrab L+ is primarily designed for agriculture silage handling, but is also suitable for various grabbing and scooping work of loose materials. The movement of grab head is done by two powerful cylinders and its design provides several features for increased life length and versatlity such as four anchor points and center take-out to create clearence when using loaders with Z-link kinematics. To increase efficiency the grab head also has extra bars on top to surely hold down the material and to avoid spillage. The bucket gable and grab head side tines are also designed to efficiently prevent spillage through the sides. The bucket body has an integrated spillguard on the top preventing spillage backwards – all in all a high efficient Implement where grabbed material is properly held in place. Grab Bucket is filled by angle the implement down at about 45 degrees into the silage. This gives the maximum fill possible when the grab head is closed. The design of the tines in the grab head and in combination with rotating the implement downwards, creates an even block of silage without creating any air pockets and generating heat in the silage. The cutting edge extrudes minimal at each side and the grab head can open up considerably leaving the tip of the tines behind the cutting edge, these two features minimizes material left close to walls both in front and at the sides. Powergrab L+ is available with Bolt on Hook system M24 that makes it possible to attach it to all most common AG material handlers in this size segment. A optional bolt on cutting edge is also available that will minimize wear on the Implement.


Powergrab L+ 200 220 240 260
Width, cm200220240260
Bucket depth, cm100100100100
Height closed, cm124124124124
Opening height, cm199199199199
Grabbed volume, m³1.601.751.952.10
Weight*, kg91795710601097

* Varies depending on machine and implement


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