Multigrab C

Multi-functional bucket grab for compact tractors

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Multigrab C

The Multigrab concept could be one of the most multifunctional loader Implements ever! The Multigrab C bucket design and size is well matched for the lift capacitiy of a compact tractor and the cut out concave gables allows you to pick up all types of bulky low density materials such as branches, garden disposals and loose types of silage and manure. Also logs can be handled with ease thanks to this design. When handling very loose materials such as wood chips, bolt on gable plates can easily be bolted on to avoid any spillage through the sides. Another clear advantage of the Multigrab is the rounded shape of the grab head that follows a circular movement that minimize the need of power. The grab head can open up over 1 meter which makes it very easy to fill the implement and allows a lot of material to be grabbed. A useful feature is that when grab head is fully open you can drive all the way towards a wall with the bucket cutting edge to scoop up that last material without grab head touching the wall. To facilitate handling of loose materials such as disposals it is recommended to use the optional clamp edge that can be bolted to the tip of the grab head tines. Also when handling irregular shaped objects such as logs and stumps the clamp edge creates a better grip of the material and it also prevent damage to the grab head tines. One powerful cylinder controls the grab and the Implement is available with Euro and Skidsteer attachments (width 170 is available with Euro only). Require third service to operate the grab.


Multigrab C 120 CS 120 140 170
Width, cm121121136.5170
Depth, cm4652.652.652.6
Height, cm4553.653.653.6
Volume, m³0.220.300.340.42
Opening height, cm91106.6106.6106.6
Weight*, kg90133141161

* Varies depending on machine and implement


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