MPU Bucket – Utility Multipurpose Bucket

A more simple version of the Multi Purpose bucket

MPU Bucket - Utility Multipurpose Bucket

Bottom and back of the bucket are made in a box design, a torsionally rigid and robust construction. The bucket has three hardened cutting edges: one at the leading edge of the bucket, one at the back edge and one in the digger blade’s lower section. The sides have additional strengthening in the lower section where there is maximum wear. They are also fitted with toothed interiors for maximum grip. If you want to get the highest possible work capacity from your bucket, then the Multi-Purpose Bucket is the obvious choice.

Download product sheet (PDF)


MPU Bucket Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity (m³)
MPU Bucket 16016054792640,40
MPU Bucket 18518554792910,47
MPU Bucket 21021054793180,53

* Varies depending on machine and implement


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