High Tip Bucket

Allows tipping at a higher level

High Tip Bucket

The new High Tip Bucket is designed to increase functionality by introducing a larger range that is designed to encompass your specific requirements. The bucket increases lift heights and a high tipping angles to empty the bucket quickly, small cycle times show increase efficiency and improve productivity. High tip buckets are used for handling high volume materials high up, for example loading grains, grass seed, beets or wood chips.

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High tip bucket Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity (m³)
XH 1801811501075191.40
XH 2002011501075531.60
XH 2202211501075871.80
XH 2402411501076222.00
XH 260261150107656  2.20

* Varies depending on machine and implement


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