Big Bag lifter

For secure handling of big bags

Big Bag lifter

The new range of bag lifters offers a model size for all big bag handling scenario’s. There are three different models; Single, Dual and Triple. Single, capable of lifting 1000kgs features a new back frame that is designed to accommodate several alternative bolted hook assortments. Bolted hooks add flexibility in the future if a change in material handler is chosen. The hook is slightly pointed to the left to enable uses with Telehandlers who sit to the left to see the hook clearer whilst connecting the hoops. Dual & Triple models, capable of lifting two or three bags at once have the extra capacity of 1500kgs, along with the ability of extending the arm for higher bags to 51cm in 17 cm increments. The arms are set with 85 cm distance which is the perfect distance for safe transportation of the bags. The back frame on dual and triple Big Bag Lifter uses an 80×80 bolt on hook interface that is sturdy for wheel loaders and large Telehanders.

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BIG BAG LIFTER Width (cm) Min Height (cm) Max Height (cm) Weight (kg) Max load each arm (kg)

* Varies depending on machine and implement


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