Q-series Front End Loader

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Tractor PTO HP Range

60-100 Horsepower models

80-140 Horsepower models

100-180 Horsepower models

120-220 Horsepower models

140-280 Horsepower models

160 and over Horsepower models

Tractor physical Data

Tractor PTO HP Range (hp)
Tractor weight (max)(lbs)
Loader Weight (lbs)
Arm width (C-C) (in)
Lift heights and bucket angles
Maximum Lift Height - Measured at Pivot Pin (in)160
Maximum Lift Height - Under Level Bucket (in)148
Maximum Dump Angle at Maximum height° (Degrees)56
Maximum Q Level angle° (Degrees)N/A
Maximum Rollback Angle at ground° (Degrees)48
Loader forces
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height -31,5 in From Pivot Pin (lbs)2 870
Lift Capacity, 59 in Height -31,5 in From Pivot Pin (lbs)4 120
Breakout Force -31,5 in From Pivot Pin (lbs)4 560
Rollback Force at Ground Level -31,5 in From Pivot Pin (lbs)7 540
Reach data
Clearance with bucket dumped 45 deg (in)122
Loader physical data
Arm width (C-C) (in)41
Weight - Front loader (lbs)1230
Loader position
Digging Depth (in)6,3
Tractor physical Data
Tractor PTO HP Range (hp)100-180
Tractor weight (max)(lbs)13230

* Varies depending on machine and implement