The McCannells get intelligent help around the farm.

The daily challenges of farmers are universal. And as Paul says, even the slightest improvement can have big rewards in the long run. Such as when it comes to mixing the feed. With Q-companion, the new built-in scale has cut many trips back and forth with the tractor, down to just a few. This saves him roughly 20 minutes a day. “It might not sound like much, but that’s over 120 hours saved in a year on mixing the feed alone.

A typical day on his 1800-acre farm is 12-hours long. In the winter months, four of those hours are spent operating his front loader in darkness. Visibility is understandably poor. Trying to control the bucket and locate it’s position is enormously time consuming or as Paul puts it “basically I’m just guessing”. With Q-companion’s digital display and the LoaderLight® on the loader, he can now monitor every move with precision and obtain exact measurements.


It’s essentially like having eyes in the dark. Four hours of darkness have become a full day of light.” 


Overall, he’s been really impressed with the responsiveness and durability of Q-series. “For the past two years, I have not had one hydraulic issue. Not one”. But to Paul some of the biggest benefits are yet to come. Like many farmers around the world, he and his family are experiencing mounting challenges with their farm in recent years. From production cost increases to succession planning and tougher legislation. “We, in Canada, are a few years behind Europe in terms of reducing emissions in the agricultural sector. With the Q-companion, it’s remarkably easy to keep track of things, which will help us meet coming regulations.” 

As Smarter Farming becomes the norm, we hope that Q-companion helps many more farmers like Paul, towards managing tasks more efficiently. And just like Paul we have a strong suspicion that this is just the start of bigger things to come.

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