It started with a lazy attitude towards hay

Our founder, Karl-Ragnar Åström, was a clever entrepreneur who grew tired of handling hay and manure by hand.
So he started looking for solutions that would improve his productivity and the solution he came up with was to build Sweden's first front loader.
This ultimately led to Quicke, the world’s first drive-in front loader, a few years later and the rest is history. This invention made it possible for smaller farms to easily handle material and optimize their productivity. It is in his innovative spirit that we have kept developing world-leading front loaders and implements. And with that, we’re now working towards digitizing and automating several farming practices.


It goes without saying that your profession is essential. That’s why for seven decades, we’ve been all about making farm work easier.


Every consideration, every emphasis we put into what we produce is about simplifying the work on farms. Our front loaders are built to maximise your comfort, save time, optimize productivity and increase your safety. Even more so as we focus strongly on fully-integrated smart technology to help make farming more efficient. You can always be assured that a Quicke front loader is never about us. It’s about you.