Smarter. Not harder.

A population boom. A changing climate. And with that, the need for more environmental protection. Farming is dealing with challenges of an unprecedented nature. For farmers, doing more with less has never been more pertinent. And the time is now for the agricultural sector to smarten up. Not with big brains, but with big data. Welcome to the age of Future Farming.

The farming of tomorrow will allow each digital component in your farming equipment to communicate with one another. Thereby, working together towards more efficient, less time-consuming output. The digital information gets filtered through to the same storage place where it is collected and analysed. What this gives you is a clear, comprehensive outlook on our farm’s overall management. Even the smallest functions go towards giving you the bigger picture.

Future Farming will also give you access to data for monitoring, reporting and invoicing. You’ll know exactly when maintenance needs to be done on a certain piece of equipment, allowing more flexibility with your fleet of machines. You’ll always know how your loader’s doing and be able to track and manage regular activities. Gain precise measurements of nutritional content in feed mixes. Know where to spread fertilizer in areas that need it more than others. Keep track of nitrate levels in soil and meet legislative requirements. All of this will soon be possible to make farming much more efficient and effective.

Overall, Future Farming truly means working smarter, not harder. With all the current and coming challenges facing farmers, Quicke will be providing you with the type of solutions to help you get the most out of your efforts. Not only for the future success of your farm. But for a world that’s going to be needing it.