Edible Intelligence by 2050.

We believe the way to cultivate enough crops – is to cultivate more data. By introducing the world’s first intelligent front loader, we want to empower farmers to up productivity and to help them manage farms more efficiently.

By gathering data to support Farm Management Information Systems using smart sensors and wireless tech, more precise knowledge can be gained of the farm. And since knowledge is power, treatment can be adjusted more effectively. What if knowing the chemical compound of the soil leads to using less fertilizer, water and pesticides? What if your smart front loader could provide your cows with the right nutrition? Or provide you with nutritional data for your crops? The solutions to making farms more productive lies in doing more with less. Especially when it comes to the physical output on farms, since smart farm tools essentially allows workers to be in two places at once. 

The future of farming doesn’t mean working harder. It’s means working smarter. If next year’s data provides advice for the following year’s efforts, that’s a game plan. That’s intelligence. By 2050, farms should be full of it.